Elise Cronin-Hurley

Why am I here: Because I worked with an incredible group of mentors and we learned many lessons together. I have since felt the call to share what I learned with others to help make their experience more enjoyable. Over the past decade, I have watched how the challenges of youth development team management has become increasingly exhausting for leaders, but the FIRST community offers so much opportunity to collaborate, grow, and build great leaders.  

Why FIRST matter to me: My son found his people in this organization, and so did I. There are so many students who find a safe place to grow in this organization, to belong, and gain a support system.  With a focus of Gracious Professionalism, they learn how to work together as a team to develop the best possible solutions.  I want FIRST to be there for those students who continue to search for that group of people to laugh and grow with, to find opportunities to pursue their dreams, and learn how to make their impact in the world.

Volunteer Experience:

  • 4-H Exploding Bacon Team 1902,
    Website, Imagery, Outreach & Awards
    Mentor, since 2011
    Team Lead, 2016-2019
  • The Green Machine Team 1816
    Website Mentor, since 2020
  • Volunteer & Judge, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST TECH Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition events since 2012
  • Orlando Regional Planning Committee,
    since 2019: website, digital graphics, and branding
  • Tallahassee Regional Planning Committee,
    since 2021: website, digital graphics, and branding
  • FIRST Hall of Fame, Communications, website, digital graphics, and branding,  since 2019
  • Orange County 4-H, Board member and Treasurer, since 2020

Professional Web & Graphics Designer

  • Graphics designer, since 1986
    • Print Graphics & Promotional Materials
    • Digital Media
    • Branding & Identity
  • Marketing, since 1991
    • Management & Collaboration
    • Project Management
  • Website Design & Management, since 2001
    • WHM & CPanel 
    • HTML, CSS & WordPress
    • Web hosting 
  • Software Technical Proficiency
    • Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat
    • Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook
    • Google Drive Suite: Docs, Sheets, Presentation
    • Additional tools: Slack, Zoom, DropBox


  • Masters in Public Administration,
    Emphasis in Non-Profit Management
    University of Central Florida, 1994
  • Bachelors of Arts, Organizational Communication
    Minor: Public Relations
    University of Central Florida, 1990
  • Bachelors of Arts, Political Science
    University of Central Florida, 1990
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, USF Corporate Training and Professional Education, Dec 2021

2023 FIRST Mentoring Conference

Thank you for joining us at the 2023 FIRST Mentoring Conference Survive and Thrive Workshops.    If you have any questions, please email Elise at elise@liseydreams.com or Wendy at wendy@firstinspires.org. We would love to hear your key take aways and/or if there are...

Champs 23

Thank you for joining us at the 2023 FIRST Championship Survive and Thrive Workshops.    Below is a link to the slides from the Survive and Thrive workshops presented at the 2023 FIRST Championship. If you have any questions.  You can email Elise at...

What is FIRST Team Branding?

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