FIRSTChampionship 2022 WORKSHOP

How to run a Sustainable FIRST robotics team and not lose your mind.

Running a youth development organization these days includes a lot of moving parts: complex and challenging issues that can be stressful. Whether you are a veteran/rookie mentor or a team parent, you can always use some inspiration along the way.   This workshop will provide some non-technical practical tips and takeaways to improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness.  All three presenters come with years of practical team leadership experience from all levels of FIRST. They will share relatable challenges and the solutions they implemented that made their experiences more enjoyable.

Mark your calendar to join us….
Friday, April 22, 2022 | 
10:30am – 11:20pm | Room Location: 310 C

About the Author

Serving as a mentor since 2011, Elise Cronin-Hurley also served as a Team Lead of 4-H Exploding Bacon Robotics Team 1902 from 2016 - 2019.  She volunteers and judges at numerous FIRST events, on regional planning committees, with the FIRST Hall of Fame, and has conducted workshops on imagery, chairman's and team organization. By day she is a freelance web and graphic designer. Read More about Elise